Stick Shift – $100 Buy In

28×10.5 non w slick or 275 radial on 15” or any size drag radial 17” and larger
Must be H pattern gear box . Non sequential , no liberty transmission

Small Tire – $200 Buy In

28×10.5 non W, stock suspension and firewall location back half allowed. NO Tube chassis no external weight, must have front clip “hood optional” but must have front end on all cars and trucks. AWD prohibited.

Late Model – $100 Buy In

2008 and newer , MUST be OD transmission, gear vendor prohibited ,MUST be on drag radial , NO SLICKS , NO AWD/4WD, valid tags and reg must be shown, full interior “ rear seat delete allowed” must have two front seats , late model class will have to participate in a 30/40 min Cruise through Salisbury and Delmar , without stopping and fueling up, this class is to return back to track and straight to staging lanes/ if time/ weather allows …Only to ice down and check tire pressure. “true street car SH*T!” Any power adder / adders are allowed.

Extreme Street – $100 Buy In

Full interior factory Dash, must have both front seats rear seat delete is allowed, No AWD, drag radial, not bigger than a 275 60 15 / 28×10.5 radial, has to take the same cruise with late model, no refueling until after 1st round. When returning from the cruise must pull straight to the staging lanes. Can only change tire pressure and Ice down and ecu tuning. Must be tagged and insured.

Big Tire – $300 Buy In

Big tire / tube chassis/ AWD
Anything goes!

All Motor – $100 Buy In

28×10.5 non W, stock style suspension/ cars and trucks “no power adders” fiber glass hood and bumpers allowed and lexan windows/ optic armor allowed.